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For the Love of Davines

For the Love of Davines

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying my damnedest to figure out how to write an interesting blog post about how I fell in love with my mane squeeze, Davines. But I’m here to tell you it’s not an exciting post to write, so here are the technical highlights I so badly want you to know:

  1. In the early 1980s, the Bollati family, a sweet husband and wife team, started a skincare manufacturing facility in Northern Italy, where they would produce skincare products for luxury fashion brands. One day, the wife wanted something to tame her fuzzy hair and started effing around with traditional skincare ingredients on her stove top, when she created Oil/Non-Oil, the first product to launch under the Davines name. It was a hit and Davines was born. To the best of my knowledge, they are the first company to approach haircare the same way we would treat our skin. Which makes sense, because it’s all made up of the same stuff. (side note: Davines is a word they made up by combining their kids’ names. Pronounced ‘DAH - VEE - NES”)
  2. The company is still family owned and based in Parma, where they focus heavily on global sustainability and connection with local farmers and communities to produce their products. If you read labels, you’ll notice some of the sweet little ingredients you might find at your local farmers market are in your favorite hair products, too. When the product developers determine it is better for the environment to not over harvest an ingredient, their trusty scientists get to work on creating a comparable lab generated ingredient which isn’t harmful to the planet. In fact, Davines is a carbon neutral company. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, dive in here:
  3. This extensive line really does offer something for everyone. There are shampoo bars and all-in-one cleansers, for those of you who want the lowest maintenance routines. Oi and Essentials are lines within the Davines ecosystem which address all of your basic hair care needs, from volume support to taming the wildest frizz. And for those of you who need something more therapeutic, Natural Tech offers treatment solutions for hair and scalp ailments that need a more prescriptive approach. I have not found a line in all of my hair-doing years that provides a more holistic approach to haircare. 
  4. These products work! I found Davines when I opened my first salon in 2002 and have been an educator for the brand at two different times, many years ago. This has been a long relationship. Of course at times I have strayed. There is always something shiny and new distracting me…squirrel! Ultimately, I always come back because I haven’t found anything that works as well on my hair. Sure, there are some other great products out there. But, in regards to a whole all-encompassing hair/skincare line, I’ve yet to find anything that held my interest for a fraction of the time. 

I could go on and on, but I’m trying my best not to overwhelm you with info. By all means, though, If you want more, please ask. I could go on about this stuff for hours. I’m doing this because I want you to be as in love with your hair as I am with mine. Davines helped me along the way. I believe it will help you, too. Let me know how I can be of greater service to you. 


Until next time… xoxo

- JB

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