About Us

The First Ward was born out of a desire to find balance.

After working for years in an ultra fast-paced environment, where fashion and art meet finance at the crossroads of the most influential neighborhoods in lower Manhattan, we knew it was time to bring what we learned to Tulsa, our home. 

We love hair and all the product options we have to create the styles we desire.  Working directly with luxury brands, celebrities, haircare ateliers and global mass media companies gave us a unique insight into the collective retailer mindset. We know what is truly useful and what skirts the edge of (or crosses over to) manipulation. We're here to help you cut through the bullshit. 

In our online shop, you'll find products which are personally vetted and vouched for by us. In addition to actual product efficacy, we've gotten to know the manufacturers, their ingredients, sustainability practices, etc. 

We sort through the minutiae, so you don't have to. 

It's just hair. And we want you to love yours. 


Our Store

Downtown Tulsa

324 E 1st St Suite 200